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Prince of Persia, Ubisoft Montreal (12/04/2008)

I seem to have good timing with blending music. It must be all the singing I do. 'Breath Me,' by Sia plays as I install 'Prince of Persia,' for the Playstation 3. The installation is not normally supposed to take this long.
I'm not too sure how this will play out, but I hope you'll enjoy this new feature. I will be updating this entry as I go about my day, almost like a twitter of sorts. Or if you're into 'Star Trek,' it's like a supplemental captain's log. Since this is primarily a blog about game development, I won't do these kinds of posts often. So let's get started.

12. December. 2008.

03:58 - Lurking on Justin(TV) as always, looking for other gamers such as myself in the dead of night; the sleepless, the reinvigorated, and the challenged. I'm wondering about what to blog. I have an idea for an associative writing type post where I just write the first thing that comes to thought. I wonder how that will work.

04:57 - Installation of one of my two copies of 'Prince of Persia' almost complete. I happen to be on Justin(TV), and 20 viewers almost instantly scurry to see what I'm up to. It maybe my music selection choice, I have no idea. 'Breath Me,' by Sia plays harmoniously in the background as the install takes place. 'Projectleet,' points out that my install is taking twice as long. Sia's song ends in sync with the download, upon our loading screen.

05:24 - I explain to my viewers what engine we used for 'Assassin's Creed.' The 'Scimitar' engine makes a reappearance as 'Scimitar++,' as the in game world of 'Prince of Persia,' uses an ingredient based delivery system. The architecture of levels, objects, and people have a type of interactivity that is strung together by a library of tens of thousands of animations. Because each component is dependent on your orientation or general position, the approach and end result of your interaction within the game and its' objects or characters is contextually based.

05:57 - Still talking about engine design and complaining about cast quality. Gareth shuffles around in the bed while I play the game near him. The children are awake five minutes later, and I notice that my hair is disheveled. It's almost time to go, and I'm handling the usual casting interview at Justin(TV), answering questions about the gaming industry. The cast ends at 06:14 as I spill my cereal on the laptop. I top off at 43 viewers.

07:34 - I've arrived at my work station thirty minutes prior. I grab a muffin and a water bottle, and prepare myself to code until lunch at 12:00. The on goings of the office ends from the last strike of this key.

13:04 - If you haven't already, our 'Far Cry 2' Fortune Pack (Add-On Content) just hit P.S.N. and X.B.L. Ramp up the terror with the 'Far Cry 2' Fortunes Pack. Loaded with 3 new weapons, 2 new vehicles and 4 new multiplayer maps. Enjoy!

18:38 - Dinner with the family. The kids are getting so big. I retire to the study, full, and read 'Twilight,' before I doze off in the massage chair.

22:04 - I've been passed out, haven't moved an inch, and an imprint of my body is left on the leather. It feels good to finally sleep. However, more work related things to go over. I end up texting a co-worker on the 'Blackberry.' Tomorrow is a new day.